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General FAQ

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General ShipPlotter FAQ



Just fill this with questions you think your visitors might have, as well as the answers




How can I register my copy of ShipPlotter?


Just visit this site: http://www.coaa.co.uk/COAAreg.htm



I just got a new PC and I need a new licence key?


Just visit the same site: http://www.coaa.co.uk/COAAreg.htm. If you already have a licence, you simply put in your details and the new serial number and it will send you the new registration number that you need.



Can I use my copy of ShipPlotter on more than one PC?


Yes you can use ShipPlotter on more than one PC, provided that you are the only user of the program.  You will need a new licence key for each different PC.



Why did my registration number stop working?


The serial number, and the registration number that derives from it is based on various attributes of the machine on which the program is installed. Sometimes things change in the machine (for example the log in user changes) that make it look like a different machine. When that happens, just visit the same site: http://www.coaa.co.uk/COAAreg.htm and put in your details and the new serial number and it will send you the new registration number.



I registered online but I did not get any reply email. What can I do?


A very few ISPs regard the response from our registration server as being automated spam and discard the email containing the registration number. AOL is the most frequent offender. The solution is to tell your email service to allow emails from webmaster@coaa.co.uk and then to try again. If that fails, then create a free email account with hotmail, yahoo, gmail, or one of the other free email services and make the registration request with that address. They do deliver correctly addressed emails.





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