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Antennas and receivers FAQ

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Antennas and receivers FAQ



Do I need a pre-amp?

A good quality pre-amp may help if you have a receiver with poor sensitivity or if you can put it at the antenna end of a long coax cable run.  It will probably not help if the cable run is short and the receiver has good sensitivity.  In some radio environments it could easily be much worse.  Ask a deaf person if simply turning up the volume on their hearing aid helps in a noisy room.


There is some helpful information here: http://home.iprimus.com.au/toddemslie/bf981-preamps.html


Does a discone work well with a pre-amp?

A discone is a great "all-frequency" antenna.  However, a Marine antenna, which is sensitive to the marine frequencies but less sensitive to non-marine frequencies, has the advantage of acting like a filter, or preselector. So a discone is more likely to overload the pre-amp

with signals outside the marine-band.


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